Whoever told you that success on Medium is easy lied.

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I’ve been writing on Medium for six months now, with over 150 stories published to date, hosted with thirteen separate publications, including Illumination, Illumination-curated, Curious, In Fitness And In Health, The Post-Grad Survival Guide, The Innovation, and so much more.

Being able to push out an average of 2–3 articles per day takes a lot of work, and ensuring that they’re quality pieces — even more so. Now, you don’t have to publish as much as I do necessarily, but that brings me to my first lesson.

If you’re new to Medium; write, a lot.

As I said, I’ve managed to push out around 2–3 articles per day…

Do you really know yourself? Let’s find out…

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Nothing’s more powerful when it comes to building a sense of self-awareness than the act of self-reflection, and the best way to practice self-reflection is to ask yourself some quality questions. As Tony Robbins famously says, “the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.”

If you’ve been following me at all, then you should know by now the importance of sustaining a consistent self-reflection ritual. Yet, what kind of questions should we ask ourselves to gain a better understanding of our life?

Below, I’ve listed five specific questions that…

Read this if you want to experience real, lasting happiness in life.

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The key to happiness is knowing what to accept as in your control and what to let go of. In stoic philosophy, many believe that the path to happiness comes from letting go of the things that are out of our control. However, even then, we’re coming to understand that doing so — well — it’s not easy.

Happiness is an emotion, but unlike other emotions, it’s the one we all desperately crave. Everyone wants to be happy, and no one wants to feel sad — but that’s the problem. If you want to be happy, you need to learn…

Defining success and what it takes to be successful in life

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Success shouldn’t be defined by one’s overall accomplishments or amount of money. Rather, success should be defined by the actions, thoughts, and decisions that we make on a day-to-day basis.

It’s easy to look at another’s overall accomplishments and think of their successes. Still, I’d like to challenge this way of thinking and instead encourage you to look at the actions we make each day rather than our overall achievements. For instance,

  • Would you consider yourself successful if you had one million dollars? What if we threw in a massive drinking problem, relationship issues, and health complications due to bodily…

Here’s why it can change yours too

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I’ve spent years struggling with finding my personal identity. More than that, however, I felt confused and frustrated with just about every aspect of my life. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to choose as a career. Maybe this would have been fine five years ago, but I’m 22 now, married, and with a newborn — shit had to change.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s felt this way. Many of us have struggled with finding our personal identity, navigating through life without a compass or any…

Curb indecision, reduce stress, and find your happy place.

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Overthinking is simply a symptom with an underlying cause. For instance, you might be overthinking due to stress, but is it work-related stress, is it related to a relationship of sorts, or maybe even financial stress?

We tend to overthink whenever a seemingly difficult obstacle arises in our lives. Though difficult, the best thing to do is to remain calm in all situations. Therefore, in this case, the first step is to eliminate the stress, effectively reducing the need to overthink.

Keeping a clear head is essential in all situations, both work-related and out in the real world. …

Adopt these bedtime habits and change your life

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If you’ve been following me at all, then you should already know and understand the importance of sustaining a successful morning ritual, but are you aware of the benefits that come from having a consistent bedtime routine?

Morning routines are designed to prepare us for the day ahead, focus on our priorities, and — hopefully — spend some time working on self-improvement.

Your evening routine should be designed to benefit your morning routine and rewind and blow off steam. …

5 things you can do instead of obsessing over your stats

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I’ve been writing on Medium for some time now, and, I have to admit, I’ve grown accustomed to checking my stats throughout the day — like, every 20 minutes.

To some, this may not seem like a problem, but if we’re being sincere, checking our stats — at least as often as I do — has no real benefit. In fact, it takes away from time that should be spent doing something else more productive, like reading or writing.

Yet, I can totally understand wanting to know how your articles are performing. Even then, however, there should be a limit…

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I’ve spent years studying the qualities of successful people, and I’ve found out that time management is one of those qualities.

Yet, there’s too much out there focused on time management — it can get quite overwhelming. That’s why I’ve decided to take all of my knowledge on time management and compose my top twelve tips for busy people.

These are tips that have worked for me or others that I know personally, so each method has been tested and approved by me or somebody I’m close to.

Always Complete The Most Important Tasks First

What do you do when the to-do list looks more like a…

Step number 1, take personal responsibility

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Do you feel like your life is out of your hands? Are you frustrated with the way things are going? Does it all feel like too much? Good. It means you’re ready. Ready to take charge. Ready to accept responsibility. Ready to change your life for the better.

I’ve spent years studying the habits of highly successful people. CEOs, entrepreneurs, public figures, and highly reputable world leaders. I realized that the only reason any of these people got to be where they are today is that they accepted responsibility and took charge of their life. …

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