5 things you can do instead of obsessing over your stats

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I’ve been writing on Medium for some time now, and, I have to admit, I’ve grown accustomed to checking my stats throughout the day — like, every 20 minutes.

To some, this may not seem like a problem, but if we’re being sincere, checking our stats — at least as often as I do — has no real benefit. In fact, it takes away from time that should be spent doing something else more productive, like reading or writing.

Yet, I can totally understand wanting to know how your articles are performing. Even then, however, there should be a limit…

Curb indecision, reduce stress, and find your happy place.

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Overthinking is simply a symptom with an underlying cause. For instance, you might be overthinking due to stress, but is it work-related stress, is it related to a relationship of sorts, or maybe even financial stress?

We tend to overthink whenever a seemingly difficult obstacle arises in our lives. Though difficult, the best thing to do is to remain calm in all situations. Therefore, in this case, the first step is to eliminate the stress, effectively reducing the need to overthink.

Keeping a clear head is essential in all situations, both work-related and out in the real world. …

Whoever told you that success on Medium is easy lied.

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I’ve been writing on Medium for six months now, with over 150 stories published to date, hosted with thirteen separate publications, including Illumination, Illumination-curated, Curious, In Fitness And In Health, The Post-Grad Survival Guide, The Innovation, and so much more.

Being able to push out an average of 2–3 articles per day takes a lot of work, and ensuring that they’re quality pieces — even more so. Now, you don’t have to publish as much as I do necessarily, but that brings me to my first lesson.

If you’re new to Medium; write, a lot.

As I said, I’ve managed to push out around 2–3 articles per day…

How to rethink the way you think (and why you should)

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The way you perceive your environment will differ greatly from the person next to you. To prove this point, ask yourself, regarding the photo above, is the lady falling or flying? It doesn’t matter what the answer is. The point is the fact that two people could give different answers, purely based on two things:

  • Their perspective, and
  • Their current way of thinking.

Two people could perceive the same situation differently, but how they process those perceptions greatly influences the perceived outcome.

Make sense?


Because here’s the thing…your life — in its entirety—is purely based on how you perceive…

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One year, 180 posts, and 212 dollars later

As the title suggests, I’ve been writing on Medium for close to a year now, with over 180 published articles. From those 180 articles, I’ve made exactly 212 dollars and 38 cents. Now, that probably doesn’t seem like a lot. Okay, let’s be honest. Compared to the amount of time that I’ve put in, 212 dollars feels like an insult. But wait. Before I encourage that way of thinking any longer, I have to admit, it was never about the money. Okay, maybe it was — in the beginning — but things changed rather quickly, and now I can admit…

It’s easier than you think

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Lately, I’ve been experiencing a certain kind of depression. The kind that almost always presents itself whenever we get caught up in the cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat. The problem is that once we find ourselves in this cycle, it can take years — if not what feels like a lifetime — before we’re ready to do anything about it.

Be very honest with yourself. Are you in control of your life, or does your life control you? The answer to this question is actually fairly easy. …

I can’t believe I overlooked this prime side hustle opportunity for so long

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Yesterday I witnessed something terrible; my own mother sold over $50 worth of wrenches and lug nuts for a dollar. The salesman and lifelong entrepreneur within me cringe at the slightest thought of that kind of loss in profit. It got me to think; theirs got to be an opportunity here.

As far as I can remember, every year, the beginning of spring — or end — for us procrastinators — has been the perfect time to dig through all of our junk, getting rid of the things that no longer serve us. And do you know what follows? Yard…

Changing the way we look at the traditional 9–5

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Forcing me to chop wood at 11 years old for 3 hours a day should’ve been considered child labor. But hey, you know what? Looking back, I actually learned a thing or two — so thanks, gramps.

I’ve always been a doer, an action taker. It takes a lot of effort for me to sit still unless I’m actively engaged with something. My grandpa learned that early on, using menial day-to-day tasks to keep me busy (and him sane).

I wasn’t blessed with the ability to pay attention for long periods of time, which is why I dropped out of…

I made 150 cold calls a day for 30 days — here’s what I learned

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Whenever I’m on the receiving end of a cold call, I like to think that the person calling me is living a Wolf on Wall Street type lifestyle, where everybody cheers and shouts out in joy whenever someone closes a sale. A few bottles of champagne pop and some sexy baristas come out holding wine glasses, shooting confetti into the air.

Likely, you’ve also been on the receiving end once or twice, and it might’ve sounded something like this.

“Hi there, ____. This is Jazz and I’m calling from (company). We offer a streamlined automation service for agents in your…

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