Breaking Free: The Benefits and Process of Abstinence and Quitting Addiction for a Healthier Life

Jazz Parks
6 min readMay 10
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I used to drown myself in alcohol and drugs. Large, copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. To numb the pain, think less, feel less. Or so I thought. But now, after seeking sobriety, I’ve learned that partaking in drugs and excessive drinking gave the opposite effects. I identified by my thoughts and felt more pain than many could possibly imagine.

Abstaining from partaking in illicit drugs, alcohol, and various mind-altering substances is hard. Quitting is even tougher.

Therefore, I want to take the time and share with you a few benefits that I personally experienced from separating myself from addiction, as well as tips and tricks that I used to make it this far.

I know it will be tough. But trust me, if I can, then you can too.

What’s the difference between abstinence and quitting?

Abstinence is the act of restraining yourself from partaking in a certain activity, such as excessive drinking or taking drugs. The act of abstinence is a continuous process, one that can take days or even years.

Quitting is, well, quitting. Removing an addiction from your life, either temporarily or permanently.

The process of quitting begins with abstinence. But let’s break it down even further.

The process of abstinence begins with contemplation. Why are you choosing to remove alcohol/drugs from your life? What would the benefits look like? And how can you go about doing so?

Contemplation is, in many ways, a form of self-reflection. Start by identifying why you started and what it would look like and feel like if you quit. For some, this might mean seeking help, such as a counselor or family member/close friend. For others, it could involve time alone spent reflecting on your past.

Building a list of reasons why you started and why you want to quit is the first step in successfully abstaining from your addiction.

The second step involves preparation. What are the necessary steps you need to take to quit your addiction? If you smoke cigarettes, for instance, throwing away any lighters, smokes…

Jazz Parks

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