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5 things you can do instead of obsessing over your stats

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I’ve been writing on Medium for some time now, and, I have to admit, I’ve grown accustomed to checking my stats throughout the day — like, every 20 minutes.

To some, this may not seem like a problem, but if we’re being sincere, checking our stats — at least as…

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The truth is, if Medium cared about talent, I probably wouldn't be here.

I’m a high school dropout with very little formal education, and the only reason my writing is semi-bearable is that I’ve been writing every day for the last few years.

Maybe, in a traditional setting, my formal education would bear greater weight, but on Medium, it really doesn’t matter.


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Implement these (habits) into your life and see what happens!

Success shouldn’t be defined by one’s overall accomplishments or amount of money. Instead, success should be determined by the actions, thoughts, and decisions that we make on a day-to-day basis.

It’s easy to look at another’s overall accomplishments and think of their successes. Still, I’d like to challenge this way…

(hint) A happy life does not mean a meaningful life.

What's more important to you, to live a happy life or to live a meaningful life? According to many philosophers, happiness does not produce meaning, but rather the opposite — a meaningful life may bring happiness. But then again, look at Mother Teresa; her life was meaningful, but many who…

Conforming our minds with nature

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I often sit outside on my patio and look down at the squirrels below. I watch as they scurry around, sometimes foraging for food and other times playing with other nearby squirrels. I watch as they climb up and down trees, leaping from one branch to another. …

Top-performing stories for august, a warm welcome to new writers, and more!

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Hello, and welcome to Finding Greatness!

This month has been incredible. Absolutely mind-breaking. We’ve jumped from 300 to almost 600 dedicated followers in the blink of an eye! And it’s all thanks to you, so, thank you!

In the beginning, Finding Greatness was nothing more than a vision. An idea…

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