6 Tips That Increase Your Chances of Success in Online College

With most schools embracing online education, it's essential to understand how to succeed in an online school.

Jazz Parks


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Pursuing a degree can be challenging enough, even more so when done online. A large majority of schools are now embracing online education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, it's still possible to earn a degree online, especially if you embrace these tips below.

1.) Plan your day in advance

The hardest part about online school boils down to effectively managing your time. Without the extra pressure of in-person classes, an online school can stir unwanted procrastination in even the most disciplined individuals. For this reason, I recommend you plan your day.

Every evening before bed, write down your priorities for the following morning. But most important of all, whatever your priorities are, do them first thing the following morning. Studies show that an individual's motivation and discipline levels spike in the morning but stagger around 4pm.

So do the hard things first.

2.) Tackle one project at a time

The second cardinal sin for online students (besides non-effectively managing their time) is multi-tasking. Online schools encourage multi-tasking by providing all of your given assignments for the week at one time. It can be tempting to tackle these all at once and free up time for more enjoyable activities. However, I would highly recommend against doing so for two reasons.

  1. Multi-tasking has been proven to reduce an individual's overall work quality and reduce (if not eliminate) personal skills. Therefore, when you are learning something, you should be fully attentive to the given task at hand — especially when it costs you money.
  2. Multi-tasking has been linked to an increase in procrastination and misplaced priorities. Therefore, tackling multiple assignments simultaneously is not a good idea, especially when some are more important than others.

3.) Establish a workplace and eliminate distractions



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