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5 Reasons Why I Chose to Become a Writer

In hopes that my reasons give you the inspiration to keep on chuggin'.


Becoming a writer — which involves making an income from your writing — is a worthwhile pursuit, though undoubtedly full of challenges. For example, the projected 10-year growth in jobs for writers is only 2%. As a result, most writers will tell you to keep your job and write in your spare time.

Even though it's not easy to establish yourself as a writer, it's still possible. But even then, if you chose to become a writer, you probably have a damn good reason for doing so! It took me a while, but ultimately, I developed five solid reasons why I chose to become a writer.

1. I admire(d) the lifestyle.

Nothing sounds more alluring than the life of a (successful) writer. You wake up in the morning, stretch your legs, slide into your robe and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee. You migrate to your study, filled with your favorite books and hand-picked inspirational decorations. You sit at your desk and gaze out the window before doting away for hours at the keyboard.

After some time, your (significant other) knocks on the door, pleading to spend time with you. You eventually (grudgingly) give in and spend the next few hours watching movies or strolling at the beach.

You eat dinner, brush your teeth, and then retire to the study while your (significant other) binges her favorite T.V show.

As I have realized, a writer's life can differ significantly. One (writer) might insist on sticking to a schedule, while others might prefer a more flexible approach. Some like to write at specific times in the day, while others write whenever the "need arises."

My writing style is probably different from yours — both how I write and how I look at the act of writing — but what I can confirm is that a writer's life is just that; a lifestyle. And the writer's life is a life for me.

2. I enjoy making (and reading) stories.

If you stop to think about it, life is a series of stories. These stories date back to times as early as 700 B.C. and have played an essential role in how our society(s)…



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